A film critic of as good as it gets

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A film critic of as good as it gets

Cranky hated it with such a passion he knows you probably won't. As Good As It Gets is the story of three people of passing acquaintance who, due to an event I can't spill, find themselves drawn closer and closer together. All three have lives that, in one way or another, are so clinically depressing that at least one character wonders if his life is, indeed, "as good as it gets.

Melvin spits out insulting and totally un-P. The first 20 minutes you'll think of Nicholson's Joker, though just a bit more this side of sane. The role enables Nicholson to mug for the camera and do everything that Nicholson impersonators love to impersonate.

One of Melvin's obsessions is that he always eats breakfast at the same table in the same Manhattan restaurant, and prefers to have the same waitress, Carol Helen Hunt wait on him. Carol is a lonely solo mom, living with her mother and raising a son who is chronically asthmatic, suffering from severe allergies and recurrent near fatal fevers.

Her dates are so few and far between that she can't remember the last time she had a boyfriend to hold hands with. Carol can deal with Melvin's barbs by shooting him down with a look, and sometimes a warning.

A film critic of as good as it gets

This allows Hunt to mug for the camera, too. Melvin's neighbor, two stair up the landing, is a gay painter named Simon Greg Kinnear. Simon likes to party. He's overly sensitive and just enough of a poof that a nod of the head is enough to make the audience laugh. Simon has a dog called Verdell, who is too damned adorable and mugs shamelessly for the camera.

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Simon also has an art dealer named Frank Cuba Gooding Jr. Simon is about to discover that he has no real friends at all. And I won't tell you why. There is nothing wrong with any of the performances. Indeed, they are strong enough to distract you from the obvious fact that the script is a sloppy piece of work.

Supporting characters appear and disappear with the same regularity as a substantial number of plot lines. Brooks, who is probably the best of the living TV comedy directors, knows exactly which buttons to push to keep the audience laughing. Just as you become aware of how pitiful these lives are, Melvin drops another fine tuned barb or Carol shoots him down with a look or a retort to let the tension out.

It happens with such regularity that most of the crowd Cranky sat with walked out of As Good As It Gets, thinking they had seen a warm comedy.

Overly long -- at two hours eighteen it felt to Cranky like three -- but in general, enjoyable. And, frankly, Cranky wouldn't have caught how sloppy it all is had he not gone back for a second helping of the flick. You see, the buttons in the piece which make you laugh depress the heck out of Cranky, so I had to see it a second time, with a real audience, just to make sure.

Not only is the tale sloppy from the supporting story POV, the relationship in time of each scene to the next is screwy as well. Characters speak with knowledge of events or occurrences that they could not have knowledge of. You'll also notice quite a bit of offscreen dialogue, to explain away the gaps in story logic.

What makes me nuts is that there is no way I can tell you what's wrong without ruining the viewing experience. If I don't give away the surprises, you'll probably have a pretty good time.

It's a Hobson's Choice, so I'll split the baby. Remember Carl, the friend who hires the gay hustler to pose for Simon? Not only is he never introduced, he disappears right after the hire.

While he recovers, Melvin gets stuck with the dog. The dog prefers Melvin.

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Thus, the two men develop a cautious friendship. Melvin gets involved in Carol's personal life as well, but I'm not giving that one away. You all know that no one can pull any medical stuff over on Cranky 'cuz I've told you I've already lived it.

You can't work a wheelchair up and down a pair of steps, as Simon does to get to Melvin's apartment door. A man with no insurance will not get a private hospital room. An artist with a cast on his drawing arm according to Simon's dialog can't do the detailed work he's inspired to do unless he rips part of the cast off.

Yet, we see dozens of detailed pencil sketches that Simon has done in a fit of inspiration, with the cast on.As Good as It Gets is a American romantic comedy film directed by James L. Brooks. It stars Jack Nicholson as a misanthropic and obsessive-compulsive novelist, Helen Hunt as a single mother with a chronically ill son, and Greg Kinnear as a gay artist.

Current and archived movie reviews by Chicago-based film critic Josh Larsen. In this essay review of As Good As It Gets I will discuss the genre of the film, the form of the film (narrative), and narrative elements within the film.

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As Good As It Gets essaysIn this essay review of As Good As It Gets I will discuss the genre of the film, the form of the film (narrative), and narrative elements within the film. One way to categorize a film is to determine what genre it is. Genres, by definition are various types of films that.

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