A genuine interest in the pursuit of a career in psychology

Behaviorism and Motivation According to the concept of psychological hedonism and the pain—pleasure principle, people are motivated to obtain pleasure and avoid pain. This simple explanation for human motivation, however, seems incongruous with the picture of the hard-working athlete training through extremely demanding and often painful not pleasurable conditions to achieve a long-range goal.

A genuine interest in the pursuit of a career in psychology

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Harry is the alcoholic Oslo police detective who solves the murder mysteries created by Jo Nesbo.

The plots are intelligent, the characters are engaging and, importantly, Nesbo has written a fair number of these tales.

Selecting a book to read by the water is no trivial matter for me. On the other hand, my past experience with picking pop fiction -- thrillers and such -- has often been disappointing. I think I want a "page turner," but I quickly lose interest in formulaic plots and pat characters.

But what does it mean that a book is interesting? Is interest a universal emotion, like fear or pride or bemusement? How does one person come to be fascinated by mysteries while others are equally entranced by biographies or books about baseball or gardening?

Scientists have shown surprisingly little interest in interest, given its obvious and fundamental connection to learning and education. In the past few years a handful of psychologists have started exploring interest in the laboratory, and they are starting to piece together a theory about this curious emotion.

Interest also comes and goes: A book you found mesmerizing just a few years ago might leave you bored to tears if you tried to reread it today. Silvia has been trying to dissect this unpredictable mental state.

Much of his work involves exposing people to things in the real world that may or may not be interesting: When asked later to rate the poem, those who had been given the hint found the work much more interesting.

In a similar experiment, students who had studied a little about art history found a modern art gallery much more engaging than did students with no exposure to art.

All of the people in these studies are appraising their experience, trying to make sense of it. We make such appraisals all the time. But people size up the same experience very differently depending on the knowledge they bring to the event.

All of them probably find the poem or artwork to be fresh, complex, mysterious -- so they are at least curious enough to look more.

But only some find the experience also to be comprehensible. That is, they have just enough knowledge that they believe they can "cope" intellectually with this complex and unexpected event.

The combination of complexity and comprehensibility adds up to genuine interest, and genuine interest cannot exist without both. At its best, genuine interest becomes fascination, becomes absorption, becomes enrapture.

Psychologists call such intensity "being in the flow," a state of mind so focused that even time cannot intrude on the experience.

November 2018

This sounds awfully like bliss to me, but Silvia is careful to distinguish even intense interest from happiness. Interest motivates people to explore, to seek out novelty, whereas happiness serves to firm up existing attachments -- whether to a favorite old poem or novel.

Interest and happiness also have different sources, as Silvia showed in another experiment.Introduction to Education. Measuring Up: The National Report Card on Higher Education; School: The Story of American Public Education from PBS; The Condition of Education: from the National Center of Education Statistics; Foundational Perspectives in Education: by Sally Atkin and Nora Cohen, Oregon State University; The Virtual Library from Schoolwise Press (hundreds of links to articles and.

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Genuine Interest in Others. This one isn’t technically a skill—but it is an essential component of a counseling career.

A genuine interest in the pursuit of a career in psychology

When you wake up in the morning, do you have the drive and energy to sit with people through their best and worst? Can you be fully present for your clients. Creating meaningful connections in your world of work. The world of work is changing and very quickly.

Your connection to your job, your career, your vocation, is constantly being challenged. The following article was sponsored by Animus Empire I’ve been a graduate student in psychology for the past four years.

And every day I become more dumbfounded by how unhelpful if not damaging the field has become. Ask Dr. Mike! Frequently Asked Questions: Adolescence.

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