American blunder in the philippines

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American blunder in the philippines

American Crime Story chronicles Andrew Cunanan's played by Darren Criss murder spree inin which he killed four men before shooting acclaimed designer Gianni Versace played by Edgar Ramirez on the steps of his Miami mansion.

American blunder in the philippines

Though the Versace family contends FX's series is fictitious, the series is based on the book Vulgar Favors by investigative journalist Maureen Orth — a Vanity Fair correspondent who spoke to more than people in researching her exhaustively detailed book. Orth's story is a sad, gruesome, terrifying and shocking tale that, in executive producer Ryan Murphy's hands, illuminates how institutionalized homophobia allowed a killer to remain on the loose for months.

But as is the case with adaptation, some licenses get taken when translating material from real life to the screen. So what's fact and what's fiction? TV Guide weighs claims from the series against the book below. After eight weeks digging into the haunting, complex backstory that chronicled the four murders before Gianni Versace's, the Versace finale only needed to show Andrew's last days to make the narrative complete.

Versace brought back all its big guest stars, including Judith Light as Marilyn Miglin, Ricky Martin and Penelope Cruz as Gianni's lover and sister, respectively; and Jon Jon Briones and Max Greenfield for incredible turns to reinforce how many lives were impacted by Andrew's descent and the institutional homophobia that enabled the him to elude capture.

Of course, nobody will ever really know what went on in Andrew's mind in the final moments of his life, but the series portrayed him celebrating his heinous act and reveling in the attention from his loved ones when they appeared on TV.

Versace also painted Andrew as the last victim in the tragic story — a man who got the fame he wanted but died a desperate coward, alone. What really happened and what didn't? Did Andrew really run into a checkpoint trying to escape?

Miami Beach had been shut down; the only way to escape was by land by crossing a causeway. News reports had someone swearing she'd seen him going north in a Mercedes. Did Andrew really celebrate with champagne as the news of Versace's murder made the news? Vulgar Favors doesn't report champagne among the things law enforcement found when they found Andrew's body, but he was definitely aware of what was going on.

In fact, law enforcement was so certain Andrew was watching coverage about the murder that they used his loved ones, including his friend Liz, to make media statements in hopes of luring Andrew out.

Andrew could see police closing in, and as obsessed with media and himself as he was, he likely did watch the funeral ceremony on TV. What about the dog food? Was Andrew really eating canned canine food out of desperation?

Vulgar Favors says that when police finally found Andrew in the houseboat, "There were oddities throughout. The front-door lock, for example, was found in the refrigerator's butter compartment. Most of the kitchen cabinets were open, and a pair of binoculars lay on the counter.

There were fast-food wrappers in the bathtub and a plate of nut shells two inches high on the living room coffee table. Not according to the Chicago Tribune. This article says Miglin shunned all press until a reporter interviewed her a year later.

Did Andrew fire a warning shot for the man who came looking inside the houseboat? The man in charge of watching over the houseboat — which by the way belonged to a man who ran gay bathhouses in Las Vegas and is believed to be a place Andrew knew he could hide — alerted authorities when he went to check on it and noticed the front door was compromised.

Cushions had been pulled off the sofa and made into a bed on the floor with a blanket, and a chair had been turned over as if to form a barricade. As he pulled out his gun, he heard a loud shot from the second-floor master bedroom.

He and his wife ran outside and hid in the bushes and he called his son, who called the police. Did Andrew's father Pete really promise Andrew that he was coming to help get him out of Miami? There's no evidence they talked and even if they had, Andrew would've obviously been nearly impossible to find.

Did Andrew's father Pete really do an interview denying Andrew was gay and say he was working on a movie about Andrew's life? He did, but after Andrew was dead. Pete found out about the Versace murder from a politician in the Philippines, and quickly denied that his son was gay or capable of committing such a crime.

Months later, he proposed a film about his son. Did Gianni's partner Antonio really try to commit suicide? Antonio has said in interviews, including this one with the UK's Sunthat he fell into a deep depression, but there's no explicit mention of a suicide attempt.

Did police actually storm the houseboat Andrew was squatting in?The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story chronicles Andrew Cunanan's (played by Darren Criss) murder spree in , in which he killed four men before shooting acclaimed designer.

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