An analysis of the reassessment of the guidelines for monitoring the pet food industry in the united

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An analysis of the reassessment of the guidelines for monitoring the pet food industry in the united

Environmental Monitoring or Product Testing Programs rarely existed back then, and the few that did exist lacked planning. To prevent animal sickness, and potential human sickness in cases like mine, Environmental Monitoring Programs for the Pet Food Industry need to focus on being preventative instead of reactive.

Establishing an Environmental Monitoring Program on paper is not good enough; you need to fully implement the program in your facility to ensure the safety of your products. Many key components make up a successful preventative environmental monitoring program. One of the keys to success is upfront preparation.

This requires adequately mapping out Environmental Sites at your facility and ensuring a random sampling program is in place. Additionally, you should focus on the management and follow-up of mitigation programs.

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These steps are fundamental pieces of the backbone to any Environmental Monitoring Program. Mismanagement and underutilization of data can result in an ineffective program. Many times a Quality Assurance Manager receives test results, reviews them and then places them into a file where they may not be viewed again.

I was on a client visit once and I asked the QA Manager to show me how he manages his testing data. He opened up the cabinet next to his desk and displayed the files for me to see in response.

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He was not proud of it, but it was the best he could do with the resources available to him. Several exciting new tools in the market can help with the burden of data utilization and how to make proactive decisions. This software allows you to schedule and organize your sampling plan.

It also features a task manager function to ensure nothing is forgotten, a notification system that can be customized to meet your needs and enhanced reporting capabilities to help you handle your data.

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An analysis of the reassessment of the guidelines for monitoring the pet food industry in the united

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