Argumentative essay obama health care

In other words, if profit was taken out of the equation, there would be no conflict between health insurance and the people, and constituents would simply receive the care they needed without going through a bureaucratic mess of red tape and frustration that accompanies private insurance companies.

Argumentative essay obama health care

Those of you who want to write an interesting college essay on pros and cons of Obamacare have to understand that the reform is an initiative of President Barack Obama and to date is considered to be the main achievement of his presidency.

This is the first attempt to reform the U. Health Care system of the United States since the s, when the President Johnson created public Medicare and Medicaid, to help pensioners and the poor. Over the past thirty years, the health care costs have increased disproportionately in America, although there were not any objective prerequisites for this in the form of improved quality of services.

During the last decade, the insurance cost per employee has more than doubled. A large part of the population remains uninsured, and the proportion of such people is growing. The insurance sector, provided by employers, is highly monopolized, hampering the mobility of the labor force and creating the conditions for discrimination of patients both before and after signing the insurance contract, including the denial of payment.

The ever-increasing cost of Medicare and Medicaid is one of the reasons for the rushing United States budget deficit. The current health care system is marked by inefficient interaction between the public and private sectors of the economy. Despite the fact that the State allocates huge sums in the industry, it has no effective control over the prices and costs of services and products.

As a result, the health care system almost completely returned to the private sector that although meets American ideals, in reality turns out to be prohibitively expensive, when many poor U. The United States is one of the few developed countries without a universal health insurance system.

Essay: Benefits of Obama’s Healthcare Reform

On March 21,the United States Congress approved the health reform; inpart of its provisions was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

The main element of the reform, scheduled to begin in Octoberwas the introduction of the compulsory health insurance, which implied subsidies to the poor. The reform also aimed to improve the health insurance policy.

Argumentative essay obama health care

So, according to the Act from January 1,employers and the insurers will no longer be able to deny workers in providing health coverage or raise insurance premiums if the employee was not diagnosed severe chronic disease e.

To learn more, use free essays about the pros and cons of Obamacare. If you need a high-quality customized essay on Obamacare topics written from scratch, you can easily hire professional academic writers online:The surprising component to this viewpoint is that Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan while serving as the Governor of Massachusetts is strikingly similar to Obama’s Affordable Care plans, for instance, make it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate based on any pre-existing conditions (Gillepse 32).5/5(3).

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Argumentative essay obama health care

Essay on Obamacare Essay - Current Events Essays - Essay tutorials on current events so you can improve your writing skills in college. The Law was signed into effect by President Obama in March of , and was designed to take effect January 1st of Feldman, Arthur M.

Understanding Health Care Reform: Bridging the. Argumentative Essay About Healthcare Reform. Healthcare Reform Essay Unit 3 Individual Project January 25, The rising cost of healthcare in today’s economy is in desperate need of cost of healthcare has affected the number of people able to receive medical care.

Individuals are suffering more than ever because of the inability to receive medical attention when it’s needed.

Free examples of Argumentative essay on Health. Health Care essay: Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid most Americans believe that insurance coverage and access to healthcare system are the issues that should be prioritized, and it is the direct responsibility of the federal government to ensure medical care for those citizens that .

Obamacare's health care reform offers Americans a number of new benefits, rights, and protections in regards to their healthcare and setting up a Health Insurance Marketplace where Americans can purchase Federally regulated and subsidized health insurance” (“What is ObamaCare/ What is Obama Care.

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