Astral projection stories

Marc talks about strange dreams he had as a child in which he finds himself levitating out of his sleeping body and through his room. The strange part is that years later, as a grown man, Marc experiences the same dreams but from his readings, he knows that what he is experiencing are not dreams, but Astral Projections. Fate Magazine As a young boy living in England, I had a recurring dream. At the end of the day, with the sun setting over the London suburbs, I would sit at my windowsill and watch the orange light spill onto the rooftops, shining through car windows and blanketing the damp streets.

Astral projection stories

The original, traditional term, "astral projection," is known to some people today as an "out-of-body experience," or OBE. I shall however, keep with tradition and preserve the traditional terminology of "astral projection" throughout this section.

When we are asleep, we all astral project at times; we are just unaware of it. However, to "willfully and consciously" astral project with pure conscious intention and purpose is quite another matter.

I have "willfully and consciously" astral projected several times. One of my most memorable events was my first "willful and conscious" experience.

I was renting a mountain cabin, perched on a cliff 3, feet above Santa Barbara. It was Astral projection stories time in my life when I had the time and place to learn and experiment in occult matters.

One night, while laying on my bed, I left my body. I felt a thousand tingling sensations everywhere. The air was a fine, gray, misty, ether-like substance. It seemed like I could actually see the molecules in the air. I felt the sensation that everything was in fast motion. Although I suspected I was out of my body, I was unsure.

I will never forget the emotional feeling I felt when I put my hand through the door of the cabin. Then, with great excitement, I stepped though the door and onto the deck.

Training for the Astral – My First Experience

I stood there and looked down at the city lights off in the distance, three thousand feet below. With outstretched arms, I felt myself soaring up into the sky. A few seconds later, I opened my eyes and saw myself high above the mountain canyon.

It really is true! High in the atmosphere, I entered some clouds, became disoriented, then somewhat scared. It was at that very moment when I felt scared that I returned to my body. What seemed like a split second later, I awoke with a start.

For the next hour or so, I laid on my bed in wonderment and tried to process in my mind what I had just experienced. Several days later, I was able to "willfully and consciously" leave my body again.

So off I flew, again, like Superman.

Your Astral Experiences - Astral Voyage

I headed east, traveling at a leisurely pace about 50 feet off the ground. I remember looking down at the ground below, passing over some agricultural fields. The people Mexican migrant workers? I soon realized I would never reach my Indiana destination traveling at the speed I was currently traveling, so I "thought" to myself to speed up and instantly my speed picked up dramatically.

A few moments later about half way to my destination? I heard a noise in the far distance. Now the noise was in my ears. Then, what seemed like a split second, I zoomed way back into my body. I awoke with a great start and a jolt! My alarm clock was ringing on the table next to my pillow and it was loud.

I immediately reached over and turned the alarm off and then laid there in total shock and amazement for the next several minutes.Thus began my experiences with astral projection, “evil” entities, and a four-month long battle with a demon that I will never forget. But that is a tale for another time For more on astral projection.

Your Astral Experiences - Your source for articles on astral projection, out of body experiences, remote viewing, NDEs and lucid dreaming. Submit your experience! My Personal Experience on the Astral Plane NOTE: The original, traditional term, "astral projection," is known to some people today as an "out-of-body experience," or OBE.

I shall however, keep with tradition and preserve the traditional terminology of "astral projection" throughout this section.

Astral projection stories

In Belsebuub began practicing astral projection in a focused manner, with the aim of investigating out-of-body experiences and what they had to offer. A series of early experiences and experiments using astral projection techniques helped him confirm the reality of the astral plane.

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It was January 7th, On that night something amazing, frightening, and most intriguing happened to me. It was the night I had my first astral projection.. To preface this experience you should know that I was a fairly advanced lucid dreamer.

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