Case study on international financial management with solution

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Case study on international financial management with solution

LinkedIn Introduction The period — was considered the prime time for the international gold standard and for the world, including United States of America as it benefited from the well-integrated from this system.

The success of the pre—World War one gold standard is necessary when it considers the fact that no multilateral agreement enforced the system. For about four decades, the advantageous reason for the maintenance of fixed exchange rates is that the internal balance was sacrificed to maintain external balance or the fixed exchange rate.

US adherence to the gold standard creates opposition at the United States of America as pegging USD to gold caused deflation that increased the real value of loan repayments amount.

During the World War, the period is described as de-globalization as international trade and capital flow reduced.

International Financial Management

During theWorld War, countries abolished the use of the gold standard except the US. United States of America continued to stick up with the gold standard however,the gold standard fell apart, and the monetary policy around the world was linked towards domestic goals such as financing war by printing money and issuing debt.

After the World War I, all countries wereinterested to return to a gold standard, particularly UK as during the World War the currency was depreciated and UK decided to maintain the exchange rate at the pre-war level.

Case study on international financial management with solution

Such step has cost UK in the result of the conversion of sterling into Gold as sterling was thought to be overvalued. In order to prevent speculation bets against currency pegs, there was capital flows restriction. In morethan two decades, this system accompanied the rapid economic growth, and toavoid or delay the financial crisis.

Under the Breton Wood system, there was official establishment of International Monetary Fund IMF, which was responsible to intervene when there was an imbalance. There was the establishment of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and theobjective was to promote the growth of world trade and to finance the reconstruction of Europe, which was destroyed during the World War.

International Financial Management Case Solution

IBRD was responsible for the provision of the loan in order to keep the fast pace of the economic development. This monetary institution was created to help and support the monetary unions and countries in bad time as the world needed a shock absorber that absorbed the shocks and avoided the total collapse of the monetary system.

Shift from Gold Standard The Gold standard is a monetary system that was used for exchange of goods and services. Gold standard was abolished because the commodity money was inconvenient to store and transport and its exchange rate could notbe manipulated through the variation of interest rate.

In the yearthe Nixon shock was a chain of economic events that was taken by that time by President Richard Nixon which was cancelledthedirect convertibility of United States Dollar to Gold……………………… This is just a sample partial work.

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