Catastrophic grace in the mission

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Catastrophic grace in the mission

That humans are herbivores by design — such clearly seen in the dental structures, for one; My aim being However, to understand the purpose of this website more fully, and my poetry, click on the Purpose button above.

You may also wish to read my poem Poetry With A Mission by clicking on that particular link. And so, it folly to esteem me higher than one should, my flaws and faults clear, And therefore, I only able to do my best, a crown hardly mine to wear.

By Lance Landall Struggling like me, perhaps — kind words and acts really appreciated, no doubt, Yes, loving concern, which is what I like to think my website is all about. And so, I doing what I can, something rather than nothing, because I care, And knowing that such is sorely needed — dangers, troubles and loss always near.

By Lance Landall 4. Open The Door Open the door to love, seat it at the head of your table, place it on a throne, And let it reign unhindered, steal the show, call the shots, save the day and set the tone. Yes, let love direct your heart, take the wheel, circle each day on your calendar too, That it may pave the way, heal some wound, bridge some gulf, and pursue the right avenue.

Yes, let love choose the right time and place, even words, arrange the notes in every tune, Thus taking you and I to greater heights via an all-embracing hot air balloon. By Lance Landall 5.

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But all I can do is show that I care via word or act, thus thinking of you. And if so, understandably so, for this world can be very harsh and cold, Or so it seems until the cheer of a caring rosebud is seen to unfold.

Catastrophic grace in the mission

By Lance Landall 6. Yes, most of us needing more than just a cut and polish, and yet, pointing harshly, And this, when many are struggling with who knows what; or they clinging perilously.

And we with all the excuses as to why they have only got themselves to blame — Well, one way or another — and self-righteousness too often adding to our shame. Handshakes, cuddles and even kisses greeting people every day, They unable to escape the wave of love and benevolence coming their way.

Oh, how exciting to even think of such, for what a difference it would make, And why I yearn for such a revolution, peace and harmony left in its wake.

By Lance Landall 8.

Catastrophic grace in the mission

And therefore certain things may hurt, and this, no matter how carefully I tread, As truth often reveals the unpleasant, those things that sometimes need to be said.

By Lance Landall 9.

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Or we struggle to find our way through the maze of past mistakes, regret nipping our heels, And we wonder — yes, we oft wonder — is there anyone else who the same as us feels? And yet, our value is just as great, and our place on this earth just as necessary, Thus, regardless of how we may feel, we have an important place in humanity, For every beach relies on every grain of sand, and each leaf has its place on each tree, Thus, should our time on earth expire, so much the worse for our absence this world would be.

By Lance Landall Others strut like egotistic peacocks, lapping up the attention, basking in their own glory, Only to suffer the same fate as anyone else — lost looks, old age, a plot in a cemetery. And those who could be deemed as worthy, and even greater, are humbly lost within society, Where they quietly leave behind a better legacy — selflessly, and even unconsciously.

By that I mean, to lose ourselves in selfless acts and gentle ways, and words that warm and heal, For responding any differently, even more joy, peace, hope and happiness will steal. Yes, such is how we make our heart smile again, how we still move forward, and find our way through, Searching for any little thing that will brighten, found in those things that for others we do.

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Better to thrive on little, for little disappoints less, given expectations are low, And given that acceptance and contentment are the two greatest friends that any can know. Or to put it another way, such will leave us selflessly clothed or selfishly exposed, Our conscience clear or pricking, and we, thus either agitated or serenely composed, For all that we leave behind, either remains behind, or catches up, eventually, A fact that has borne the test of time — one that rather than later, is better learnt early.

Okay, so someone hurt you — so what? For all who treat others badly are partakers in evil, suffering from the same disease.Recovering Grace came across an page transcript almost a year ago, in the Spring of This window to the past started us on a journey to gain permission for use.

Recovering Grace came across an page transcript almost a year ago, in the Spring of This window to the past started us on a journey to gain permission for use. fema’s national flood insurance program enhances the flood claims process and extends grace period for policy renewals.

Thank you, Father, this is an excellent example of sound exegesis, that doesn’t automatically discard a straightforward historical interpretation, but examines it from the viewpoint of both reason and faith.

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~ Beyond ~ A New Era Descends Through Our Hearts and Hands. By Eden Sky Together, we crossed the prophetic threshold of Dec 21, , and have formally shifted World Ages.

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