Clean green and beautification of dhaka

Its full ceremonial name, which came into use during the reign of King Mongkut, reads as follows: Most Thais who recall the full name do so because of its use in a popular song, "Krung Thep Maha Nakhon" by Asanee—Wasan and will often recount it by singing it,[ citation needed ] much as an English speaker might sing the alphabet song to recite the alphabet. The entirety of the lyrics is just the name of the city repeated over and over.

Clean green and beautification of dhaka

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Clean green and beautification of dhaka

Among many beautification concern city beautification is a common phenomena in recent days. Dhaka City Corporation as well as many other public and private organizations have joined hands together for the beautification of Dhaka city. For beautifying the city DCC has developed many water fountain sculptures and garden in different important sites of the city.

Every year, DCC allocates more then one crore taka for the city beautification program. The Nagar Bhaban and other important places are decorated and lighted on different special and national days of the country.

Private organization most significantly commercial banks largely adopting various city beautifications project in recent times. As city beautification is an important part of CSR activities every organization should come forward to beautify Dhaka city.

Zero point to Paltan II. Means of City Beautification We city dwellers see several form of Dhaka city beautification. Some of them are very attractive and nice to see.

Besides informal means for beautification also enhances the beauty of Dhaka city. Tree plantation is the most common form of road beatification in Dhaka city. It is also environment friendly as well as good looking. There are several public and private organizations that conducted mass tree plantations usually beautiful and long lasting trees are planted in the road sides.

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Now a days, it is called that Dhaka is a city of billboards. It is really true that Dhaka is covered with various kinds of billboards. Multinational, national, private organizations are competitively occupying billboard space.

It is a very good sort of advertisement tool as well as enhances the beauty. It is another form of road beautification. Monument is costlier form but enhances the beauty a lot. There are several places in Dhaka where we see some beautiful monuments.

These are very good looking too. We see beautiful lightings in some occasion or on some special events. Besides these, there is few other form of road beautification.

Sometimes we see electric display, projector display, passenger waiting bench and so on. Normally these beautifications are conducted by private business organization to boost up their image.

We will be discussing more on those beautification tools in the later part of this report. City Beautification by Various Organizations Dhaka City planners dream up a layout to decorate the capital in high-rolling glamour through architectural landscaping. They, together, undertook the repair and construction of In addition to this, a taka crore DCC project for the greening of Dhaka through planting trees, and adding color with flowering plants.

Under the project, almost all important medians and road islands stretching from Bangabhaban to airport have been brought under fresh plantation.

A total of 71 public and private organizations are implementing the project. The authorities have divided the city into zones and asked the executing agencies to beautify these areas. The private organizations will plant trees on medians and road dividers and maintain the plants for the next four years.Dreaming of Green City Dhaka & Natural Disaster.

Our Dhaka and the Beautification: People cannot enjoy the beauty while being stuck in the traffic jam.

Clean green and beautification of dhaka

clean and harmonious Dhaka city is the dream of all its dwellers. the sight of those beautiful plants and flowers are refreshing change to the people. the DCBC project should not be only. CO2 - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

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Importance: Dhaka University is the most famous university in Bangladesh. So we should concern all about the clean, green and beautiful environment of our campus.

Because its we who are responsible for our unhealthy environment of our campus. Bengal Beautification is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Bengal Beautification and others you may know.

Road Beautification of Dhaka City | Essay Example

and keep, Bengal clean and beautiful. It is a movement to make, and keep, public spaces clean and beautiful in Bengal and take care of health of under privilege people.

‘Clean up Green up’ campaign is adopted as a life. Jul 02,  · Dhaka, the 10th mega city of the world, is going to get lavishly scenic and more liable when ‘Jol Sobujey Dhaka’ and ‘Green Dhaka’ projects of city corporations are completed within June next year.

According to the officials of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC), around 60 percent work of.

City Beautification Chittagong adorns to host Cricket World Cup. Thursday, February 3, The Daily Star, Chittagong To clean the city, CCC collected nine dump trucks from abroad and would engage around temporary workers in this regard. Organisers hoped that Chittagong's green hills and forests, its broad sandy beaches, and its.

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