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The Boston Globe has been contacting newspaper editorial boards and proposing a "coordinated response" to President Trump's escalating "enemy of the people" rhetoric. The effort began just a few days ago. As of Saturday, "we have more than publications signed up, and I expect that number to grow in the coming days," Marjorie Pritchard, the Globe's deputy editorial page editor, told CNN. That was a key part of her pitch:

Free press

The committee was composed of an "A list" of powerful U. The United States funded a long list of projects to counter the Communist appeal among intellectuals in Europe and the developing world. The implementation of surrogate radio stations was a key part of the greater psychological war effort. RFE did not use paid agents inside the Iron Curtain and based its bureaus in regions popular with exiles.

The project served as a publicity tool to solidify RFE's reputation as an unbiased broadcaster. By March, Radio Liberty was broadcasting six to seven hours daily in eleven languages. Unlike government censored programs, RFE publicized anti-Soviet protests Free press nationalist movements.

Although some remained on staff for extended periods of time, government authorities discouraged their agents from interfering with broadcast activity, fearing that this could arouse suspicions and detract from their original purpose of gathering information on the radio station's activities.

According to former Voice of America Polish service director Ted Lipien, "Czechowicz is perhaps the most well known communist-era Polish spy who was still an active agent while working at RFE in the late s. Technically, he was not a journalist. As a historian by training, he worked in the RFE's media analysis service in Munich.

After more than five years, Czechowicz returned to Poland in and participated in programs aimed at embarrassing Radio Free Europe and the United States government. RFE's New York headquarters could no longer effectively manage their Munich subsidiary, and as a result major management responsibilities were transferred to Munich, making RFE a European-based organization.

Free press limit access to foreign broadcasts, the Central Committee decreed that factories should remove all components allowing short wave reception from USSR -made radio receivers. | Trusted. Local. Indispensable.

However, consumers easily found out that the necessary spare parts were available on the black market while electronics engineers opposing the idea would gladly convert radios back to being able to receive short wave transmissions.

Jamming was an expensive and arduous procedure, and its efficacy is still debated. Inthe Central Committee mentioned that the sum spent on jamming was greater than the sum spent on domestic and international broadcasting combined.

Due to limited resources, authorities prioritized jamming based on the location, language, time, and theme of Western transmissions. Seen as less politically threatening, Western music such as jazz was often transmitted unjammed. During and after the Cuban Missile Crisis in latejamming was intensified.

The Cuban Missile Crisis, however, was followed by a five-year period when the jamming of most foreign broadcasters ceased, only to intensify again with the Prague Spring in It ceased again inwhen Henry Kissinger became the U. Although its non-governmental status spared it from full scale McCarthyist investigations, several RFE journalists including the director of the Czech service, Ferdinand Peroutkawere accused of being soft on Communism.

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His critical broadcasts inspired other journalists to investigate the inner workings of the organization including its connection to the CIA. When its CIA ties were exposed in the s, funding responsibility shifted to Congress. Advertisements appeared on every TV network, on radio stations across the country and in hundreds of newspapers.

The campaign may have been the largest and most consistent source of political advertising in American history. Under Cord Meyerthe CIA officer in charge of overseeing broadcast services from tothe CIA took a position of minimal government interference in radio affairs and programming.

The BIB was designed to receive appropriations from Congress, give them to radio managements, and oversee the appropriation of funds. President Ronald Reagana fervent opponent of Communism, urged the stations to be more critical of the communist regimes.

Boris Yeltsin later expressed his gratitude through a presidential decree allowing Radio Liberty to open a permanent bureau in Moscow. He reported live from the demonstrations in Wenceslas Squareand was virtually the only reporter covering the events fully and openly in the Czech language for a Czech audience.

The Clinton Administration reduced funding significantly and placed the service under the United States Information Agency 's oversight. Broadcast to the Czech Republic proceed for three more years under the agreement with Czech Radio. For many years pastsecurity concrete barriers reduced the capacity of the most frequented roads in Prague center.

It maintains 20 local bureaus, but governments criticised often attempt to obstruct the station's activities through a range of tactics, including extensive jamming, shutting down local re-broadcasting affiliates, or finding legal excuses to close down offices.

Other states such as BelarusIranTurkmenistanTajikistanand Uzbekistan prohibit re-broadcasting to local stations, making programming difficult for average listeners to access. The service, known as Radio Mashaalwas created in an attempt to counter the growing number of local Islamic extremist radio stations broadcasting in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a leading force in the fight to reduce tobacco use and its deadly toll in the United States and around the world.

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Free press

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Free press

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