His 145 week 1 dq 1

Universal Design for Learning UDL Develop a cohesive and research-based argument for the position you have been assigned. Be sure to include the principles that guide each approach and set it apart from the others, as well as in-text research that supports this approach. What is your role in ensuring that each portion of this law is upheld in your classroom? What concerns do you have regarding your role and why?

His 145 week 1 dq 1

Description Reviews 1 The History of Reconstruction. Many Americans like to imagine the history of their nation as one of continual progress. While acknowledging that not all persons and groups enjoyed equal rights at all times, Americans often take it for granted that American history moves in only one direction: This perspective makes it difficult for many Americans to understand the Reconstruction period and to place it in a broader historical narrative.

The problem they face is that African Americans from roughly to enjoyed far more political influence and equal rights than they ever had before, or ever would again until the end of the modern Civil Rights Movement almost a century later.

The fact that a group could be stripped of rights it once enjoyed is difficult for many Americans to accept, and so they often retreat into a false narrative, in which African Americans never gained any rights at all, and were abandoned to their fate as soon as slavery ended.

In this model, the infamous Black Codes—which were in effect for less than a year—take center stage, and the various gains of Reconstruction get ignored. Analyze the history of Reconstruction to identify the concrete gains which African Americans won during this time period.

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Explain the role of the federal government in extending rights to them and protecting those rights, and explain how the gains of Reconstruction were reversed. Summarize your conclusions on these issues by responding to the following questions: Were the goals of Radical Reconstruction feasible ones?

Is it possible to transform a society drastically by government action, or might attempts to do so prove counterproductive? Would a more gradualist approach to extending rights to and establishing freedom for African Americans have been more successful?

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What would be the costs and dangers of such an approach? Review the following video about the differences between primary and secondary sources, and how to find both in JSTOR: JSTOR primary and secondary sources When responding to the questions, draw from at least TWO of the following primary sources and specifically cite them in your post: Speech in the Senate b.We offer MGT week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 individual and team assignments and here also find MGT dq and entire course study materials.

HIS Week 2 DQ 1. During the civil rights movement of the s, the methods of the pacifists—such as Martin Luther King—clashed with the more radical elements. HIS Week 1 DQ 2 The stereotypical image of the American woman perpetuated by the media in the s was a homemaker who wore a dress every day.

HIS Week 2 DQ 1 During the civil rights movement of the s, the methods of the pacifists—such as Martin Luther King—clashed with the more radical elements. Do you think one was more influential than another, or did it take both to bring about change?

His 145 week 1 dq 1

If you think one was more influential, why? HIS Week 1 DQ 1. Joseph McCarthy held congressional hearings in which he often used affiliation and hearsay to accuse people of being communists and a threat to the United States.

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