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The move may make it easier for Google's smart home devices to work with each other and tap into artificial intelligence and machine learning advances, Fawaz and Rishi Chandra, vice president of product management for Google's home and living room products, said in a joint interview on Monday. Nest, which had up until now been housed more broadly under Google's hardware division, will be merged with Google's home devices unit.

Nest coffee

Thank you for supporting my sponsors! I have, over time, made small and large-ish gestures toward improving my garage. Various smaller tasks have been put off until some later date TBD, which is fine and par for the course except for the part where seeing those unfinished items bothers you every single day for months or years.

Having wrapped up the majority of what I wanted to get done this fall on the side of the house AND being blessed with a few more days of nice fall weather, I took the opportunity to tie up some of these loose ends on the garage! Allow me to explain myself. It used to work.

But at some point it stopped latching, and no amount of fiddling seemed to fix it. Instead of fixing this security-breach-waiting-to-happen, I went ahead and installed a set of french doors that come with no hardware whatsoever!

Which kind of stops being acceptable after a couple of years. Unfortunately this concern has actual basis—the garage did get robbed once, years ago. I miss my bike. Some jerk has my bike. My surface-mount deadbolt was mounted to the door with a bracket, and then the lock housing was attached with three flat head screws.

After removing all of the parts from the inside of the door, removing the exterior trim was easy-peasy. Insert key and pull. This hole was 1. The problem is thus.

Using a speed-square to mark the location of the existing hole for reference, I then attached a small piece of scrap wood temporarily to the door. A couple of drywall screws does the trick, and those holes are small enough to patch super easily.

Then, continue as usual. The deadbolt will almost certainly come with a simple paper template, which makes quick work of figuring out exactly where to drill. Because my scrap wood block throws off the thickness off the door, I opted to drill my pilot hole and then remove the paper template, so I could reuse it after removing the temporary block.

See how nicely that works?

How to Antique Fabric Using Coffee Dye - Shabby Beach Nest

Then just unscrew it and you have a perfect hole! I used a forstner bitbut a spade or auger bit would work, too.

Congrats on your perfect hole. One down, one to go! For the french doors, I decided to keep it really simple and went with this nice Schlage keyed entry door handleso the lock and the handle are one piece of hardware. So that was the project. But then…you know…one thing leads to another. Instead of just installing the new hardware and walking away, I decided to spend a little extra time finally finishing painting the new french doorsand repainting the old side door.

I also figured there was no time like the present to give the original doorknobs from the side door a little TLC. Works like a charm. A note about those knobs and the door they came from: I noticed during this adventure that the rim lock on the inside of the garage door has a patent date on it from !

I totally would have done the same thing a hundred years ago. Love a recycling project!The latest Tweets from nest coffee (@nest_coffee). ブロカントな雰囲気の雑貨店に併設された、自家焙煎コーヒー豆とカフェオレベースの店です。珈琲のある、ちょっとゆたかな暮らしをご提案します。.

鹿児島市中山町 We've reviewed the latest and best coffee makers of at the Good Housekeeping Institute, so you don't have to. Here are the ones you want!

41 Nesting Coffee Tables That Save Space & Add Style

Apr 05,  · If you're too cheap to buy a coffee maker and you love your morning java, instant coffee might be the way to go. Sure, it doesn't get any of the respect of traditionally brewed coffee, but it. Daily Specials. Scone of the Day Strawberry & Basil Quiche of the Day Asparagus & Swiss Roasted Brussels Sprout & Kale Salad.

Capresse Salad. Carrot Cake. Bean of the Month.

Nest coffee

Buy 3 bags of whole bean Raven’s Brew Coffee and receive a free tote bag. The Nest Cafe is your cozy coffee home away from home! We serve specialty espresso, coffee & tea, breakfast & lunch, smoothies & shakes, beer, wine & gelato! Monkey Nest was a dream that percolated for years in the mind of Austin resident and owner, Koros Derakhshani.

A mechanical engineer by trade, his passion is coffee.

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