Parent license essay

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Parent license essay

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Social JusticeLibertarianism Licensing Parents As a libertarian, I generally oppose the state interference that is licensing.

In most cases of professional or occupational licensing programs, I see no benefit that warrants state interference.

Parent license essay

I am not claiming that there are no such programs programs to license airplane pilots may be such. We currently have programs of this sort for driving, but also for practicing medicine and law, and perhaps more surprisingly, hair-cutting, interior-designing, etc.

I would abolish many of these. I would abolish all that were not necessary to prevent harm to non-consenting others. Such would not legally prevent anyone from practicing a trade or profession.

Over the last few years, with a clearer window into the world of bad parenting, I have come to think parental licensing would be well worthwhile, even in a libertarian state.

So here is the controversial part: The state should require parents to be licensed. That is, there is no moral right to raise a child, and we would do well to think of it as a privilege that the state grants and can refrain from granting to certain individuals.

Those that should be refused a license to parent a child are those who are likely, in parenting, to harm the child. Those that should have a parenting license revoked are those who do harm the child.

Its worth pointing out that I have not seen a good defense of the claim that natural biological parents should be assumed to have the right to raise the child they create.

According to Lafollette—and in accord with many US laws and, I think, common sense—we license people in a particular profession when practitioners of that profession are in a position to significantly harm those they are supposed to serve and there is some testable competence for working responsibly in the profession.

Since doctors, lawyers, and the like are in positions to harm those they seek to serve and there are testable competencies for their fields, it follows that they should be licensed. The answer is simply yes. Again, I assume most libertarians RL, BHL, LL will be with me in thinking certification programs for medical doctors and other professionals are sufficient.

The reasoning is simple: The state licensing someone to perform a service does not really guarantee quality service; if it does, it guarantees minimal quality only indeed, that is all it is designed to do.

We are not satisfied with a license; we want further evidence of ability and certification programs can offer that.

Parent license essay

Certifying institutes can offer their own certifications medical schools basically do that already —and can offer multiple layers of certification. I suspect they can do so more efficiently than government, but that is beside the point for me since I do not think efficiency is reason for government action.

Licensing programs serve to limit the suppliers of services so that the prices of those services are inflated.

Of course, it is claimed that they guarantee those that cannot judge well for themselves do not get subpar service. In some fields, it should be pointed out, the above arguments are clear to most. Few believe, after all, that we need licensing programs to protect people from bad haircuts or bad interior-designing.

Yet in some locales, these professions require licenses, a government-imposed burden required in order to enter the profession. It serves as a barrier to entry in the same exact way—perhaps more so as you must first finish 3 or 4 years of expensive schooling before you can even apply to take the exam to get a license."Licensing Parents Revisited," the statement of my current views on the topic, appeared in in the Journal of Applied Philosophy, pp.

This is an expanded and refined paper. This is an expanded and refined paper. The most obvious argument in favor of -NC licenses is that they protect your work from commercial exploitation by others. First, it is important to realize that there are commercial scenarios which are not affected by your license choice.

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Licenses are commonly needed for everyday uses, such as driving, hunting or serving liquor/5(1). Licensing: This essay is licensed under a Creative Commons license that encourages reproduction with should be given to both and to the author, and sources must be included with any reproduction.

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License to Parenthood

Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback. Those that should be refused a license to parent a child are those who are likely, in parenting, to harm the child.

Those that should have a parenting license revoked are those who do harm the child. (In our society, the latter is called “termination of parental rights” because there is an assumption of such rights.

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