Pepsi one case study journal essay

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Pepsi one case study journal essay

TMC worked with a highly collaborative team of internal inclusion practitioners, executive sponsors and two other external consulting partners, providing strategic consulting, subject matter expertise, a learning solution and workshops to help PepsiCo International build a globally inclusive organization.

The Challenge PepsiCo International PI was created in in response to the global business environment, as well as changes in the talent and consumer markets. The project includes four business units spanning a vast tapestry of local, regional, and global brands in the snack, foods, and beverage markets.

Formal organizational surveys in indicated a shared value system for Diversity and Inclusion on a global managerial level. However, on a day-to-day basis, individual managers were clearly not demonstrating support of these values.

This all too familiar gap between beliefs and behavior needed to be closed if the organization was to accomplish its mission. At more senior levels, it is expected that managers and executives foster an inclusive work environment and one which helps people build a healthy balance between work and personal life.

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The eight stages were simplified into a four phase Culture Change Roadmap which has guided the journey since including: Rather than pursuing a traditional, uniform, linear progression, the change process accommodated groups and locations at different stages and different cultures and local and regional leadership styles and communication.

In Phase II, individual awareness and acceptance of cognitive and emotional requirements for change were addressed in two 3-hour sessions. For Phase III-Capability, TMC designed and delivered an Inclusive Leadership workshop to develop skills that enable leaders at every level to build, advance and sustain an inclusive sphere of influence.

Internal business leaders representing each of the business units and geographic areas were certified to coach individual leaders, informally track organizational dynamics, assess current and desired state of organizational culture, identify specific opportunities and applications, and facilitate workout sessions and workshops.

Preliminary Results While the process continues, initial results are very promising: Awareness and understanding of Diversity and Inclusion has grown with the biggest gains in perceived ownership by senior leaders.

Diversity and Inclusion is a part of the future leader development program. Employees are measured on how well they achieved Diversity and Inclusion objectives, affecting their merit increase and bonus payout. Research shows employees have experienced growth in six key competencies related to inclusiveness.

This can be attributed to behavior changes by key managers and an emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion throughout the organization. Representation of women at the executive levels has increased. Informal studies identify small operational successes in global, cross-functional teams, selection processes and innovation initiatives, etc.

The worldwide organization has benefited from the use of shared vocabulary and reference points conveyed by the training components.

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Lessons Learned A task force of 25 business leaders representing PepsiCo regions and business units and outside consultants shared lessons learned, including: Driving global cultural change has to take into account the specific cultural and management biases of an organization, such as an American culture focus.

Continued focus needs to be on tools, skills, and actions; however, the degree to which people are credibly and authentically implementing them is not easy to monitor. It takes personal commitment by individual leaders and informal influencers to keep inclusion a fresh and compelling focus of the organization.

Investing and building an internal capability first is key to a global effort. An informal global knowledge network through which experiences, lessons learned, and good practices can cross-pollinate the organization, is also key.Case Study of Pepsi Essay examples.

PepsiCo, Inc. is one of the most successful consumer products companies in the world, with revenues of over $20 billion and , employees. News analysis, commentary, and research for business technology professionals.

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Pepsi one case study journal essay

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