Rencontres 2020

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Rencontres 2020

Rencontres 2020, Include, Value, Educate, Share "An urban project only makes sense if it is dedicated to the inhabitants, and if it can improve their living environment. For its peculiar industrial history, the Fives Cail brownfield is a symbol.

The City of Lille wished to make out of it an exemplar place, where you can dwell, work and entertain. Since its main purpose is social inclusion, anyone shall be able to get there to share time and know-how with friends and family.

Once carried up by the industrial fleuron, the neighborhood has dramatically declined. Young people half of population is under 30 can meet little job opportunity in the surroundings.

An ambitious urban renovation project has started in in order to transform the 20 hectares of industrial brownfield into an original pattern of housing and activities.

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Though urban projects can offer new services, new public spaces, and social mixity, rarely or never the gentrification process is addressed from the start. Rarely the existing population can benefit directly from the new activities brought by.

In Fives, following difficulties were pointed: Solution proposed In order to tackle most of these issues, Lille will create an innovative device: Providing a shared space to socialize.

There you may cook, eat, meet people, and make new experiences including an audio-visual studio, and a vertical agriculture demonstrator ; 2.

Organizing workshops, mostly against waste and malnutrition; 3. Creating a virtuous ecosystem of training and job opportunities: Most part of the innovation lies within the fact that, contrary to the usual public equipment, the kitchen will respond to an original collective governance.

Furthermore, it will be financially autonomous while receiving part of the benefits from private activity operating in the vicinity.

Rencontres 2020

A dense prefiguration program will anticipate, during the first 2 years of the program, the inauguration of the building.Les Rencontres de l’Atelier Paysan is one of the larger gatherings the origination puts on.

Participants work hand and play too. We provide training courses for farmers to learn to make their own tools. In the course of 3 to 5 days, agricultural tools are created in the workshop.

Research Interests. My research focuses on mathematical models, generally of social organisms, from the perspective of kinetic theory.

At the discrete level, I design and implement interacting particle and agent-based models. European Union - Official website of the European Union.

"Rencontres " : la Défense se mobilise autour des réformes engagées | Modernisation

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