Renewable energy development on u s tribal land essay

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Renewable energy development on u s tribal land essay

Consequently, there is considerable uncertainty regarding both the size and quality of the oil resources that exist in ANWR. Thus, the potential ultimate oil recovery and potential yearly production are highly uncertain.

The reason for the decrease is because of new exploratory drilling, which showed that many areas that were believed to hold oil actually hold natural gas. Consequently, ANWR oil production is not projected to have any significant impact on world oil prices.

Bush's administration supported drilling in the Arctic Refuge, saying that it could "keep [America]'s economy growing by creating jobs and ensuring that businesses can expand [a]nd it will make America less dependent on foreign sources of energy", and that "scientists have developed innovative techniques to reach ANWR's oil with virtually no impact on the land or local wildlife.

Sustainable Solutions

Fish and Wildlife Service report stating that 77 of the wildlife refuges in 22 states had oil and gas activities. Louisiana had the most with 19 units, followed by Texas, which had 11 units. Furthermore, oil or gas was produced in 45 of the units located in 15 states.

The number of producing wells in each unit ranged from one to more than in the Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana. This is one of the most pristine and beautiful parts of the world. ANWR oil production is not projected to have a large impact on world oil prices Additional oil production resulting from the opening of ANWR would be only a small portion of total world oil production, and would likely be offset in part by somewhat lower production outside the United States.

Why Population Matters

The coastal plain, for example, is a calving home for somecaribou. The NRDC also said there is danger of oil spills in the region. Fish and Wildlife Service has said that the area has a "greater degree of ecological diversity than any other similar sized area of Alaska's north slope ".

The FWS also states, "Those who campaigned to establish the Arctic Refuge recognized its wild qualities and the significance of these spatial relationships.

Here lies an unusually diverse assemblage of large animals and smaller, less-appreciated life forms, tied to their physical environments and to each other by natural, undisturbed ecological and evolutionary processes.

The Inupiat, Gwitch'in, and other tribes are calling for sustainable energy practices and policies.

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The Tanana Chiefs Conference representing 42 Alaska Native villages from 37 tribes opposes drilling, as do at least 90 Native American tribes. The National Congress of American Indians representing tribesthe Native American Rights Fund as well as some Canadian tribes also oppose drilling in the area.

Renewable energy development on u s tribal land essay

In May a resolution was passed in the village of Kaktovik calling Shell Oil Company "a hostile and dangerous force" that authorized the mayor to take legal and other actions necessary to "defend the community". Curbelo still voted for the final bill that included drilling.The September/October issue previews state legislative elections and what voters will face on statewide ballot measures.

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Having one fewer child is the most effective way an individual would have to fight climate change. The next best actions are selling your car, avoiding long flights, and eating a vegetarian diet, according to a study published in Environmental Research Letters.

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EPA’s State and Local Energy and Environment Program offers free tools, data and technical expertise about energy strategies, including energy efficiency, renewable energy and other emerging technologies, to help state, local and tribal governments achieve their environmental, energy and economic objectives.

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