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Montauk, New York Millennial Pink Weekend It is hard to beat a weekend out East with friends, but especially hard to beat when all of you are coming together to support two incredible causes and team up to be a force for change.

Singletrails saarbrucken

A time to come on board and a time to go home. A time to come on shift and a time to close. A time to eat and a time to sleep. A time for tea breaks and a time for barbecue. Pardon me I just digressed. Time governs this place strictly like a tyrannical ruler.

There are four meals served here daily. Work here never stops. For every 24hour day, you work a 12hour shift; 6am-6pm, 6pm-6am, 12noonmidnight, or Singletrails saarbrucken 12 noon.

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With this arrangement, everyone gets three meals a day. Hence, it is actually very proper to see someone at 6pm and greet good morning, because like our ancestors say, whenever a man wakes up is his morning and here you were thinking they lacked sagacity.

Lunch is the 11pm-1am meal while dinner is the am meal. You live the world entirely in reverse. Can you eat the four meals? So let me not do the longer throat now. I mentioned tea time right? This is one of my favorite times on the rig.

There are also four tea times. Most guys come for 15minutes and then another person in their unit takes the other 15minutes, seeing as everyone cannot completely abandon their posts for tea. Why do I like tea time?

This is the place you come to hear it all. All the sweet gist, escapades, arguments, advice, business talk, buhari wahala and all round getting together are done at this time seeing as at the end of a shift most people are so exhausted and topmost on their agenda is to sleep.

Most expats just come into the tea room get their snacks and leave because they cannot understand why the Nigerians are shouting. But after a while the penny drops and they comprehend, that what is being had is a friendly banter-full conversation or argument even if done in very high decibels.

Most service hands are usually the subject of banter involving this word seeing as they do not have a set rotation like others and stay for as long as the job requires. Actually, anyone in general who stays more than their allotted time due to unforeseen circumstances is referred to as Filipino.

The longer they stay the more their usually meager pay and they preferred to be onboard with free food et al, making money that is usually sent home to cater for their families.

I once heard the story of one who was crying when asked to go home. Time here on some days takes on the form of a snail, passing painfully slowly on the journey to your day of exit.

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Some hitches feel like someone sneaked in extra hours and made a day longer than 24hours. Most people spent time here counting down to going home even if its just two weeks which passes quickly like lightening back at home. There is a limit to how long you can stay onboard for safety and sanity sakes, usually about 6weeks for those of us deep sea.

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Singletrails saarbrucken

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Millennial Pink Weekend. It is hard to beat a weekend out East with friends, but especially hard to beat when all of you are coming together to support two incredible causes and team up to .

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