The importance of creating a personal development portfolio

The Career Portfolio is not about job hunting.

The importance of creating a personal development portfolio

In these "Stage Assessments" they measured the degree to which each application supported or "covered" each business function or process, spending on the application, functional qualities, and technical qualities. These measures provided a comprehensive view of the application of IT to the business, the strengths and weaknesses, and a road map to improvement.

APM was widely adopted in the late s and through the s as organizations began to address the threat of application failure when the date changed to the year a threat that became known as Year or Y2K [ citation needed ].

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During this time, tens of thousands of IT organizations around the world developed a comprehensive list of their applications, with information about each application. In many organizations, the value of developing this list was challenged by business leaders concerned about the cost of addressing the Y2K risk.

In some organizations, the notion of managing the portfolio was presented to the business people in charge of the Information Technology budget as a benefit of performing the work, above and beyond managing the risk of application failure.

There are two main categories of application portfolio management solutions, generally referred to as 'Top Down' and 'Bottom Up' approaches[ citation needed ]. The first need in any organization is to understand what applications exist and their main characteristics such as flexibility, maintainability, owner, etc.

Another approach to APM is to gain detailed understanding of the applications in the portfolio by parsing the application source code and its related components into a repository database i. Application mining tools, now marketed as APM tools, support this approach. Hundreds of tools are available to support the 'Top Down' approach.

This is not surprising, because the majority of the task is to collect the right information; the actual maintenance and storage of the information can be implemented relatively easily.

For that reason, many organizations bypass using commercial tools and use Microsoft Excel to store inventory data.

The importance of creating a personal development portfolio

However, if the inventory becomes complex, Excel can become cumbersome to maintain. Automatically updating the data is not well supported by an Excel-based solution. Finally, such an Inventory solution is completely separate from the 'Bottom Up' understanding needs.

Many reasons may exist for this duplication, including the former prominence of departmental computing, the application silos of the s and s, the proliferation of corporate mergers and acquisitions, and abortive attempts to adopt new tools. Regardless of the duplication, each application is separately maintained and periodically upgraded, and the redundancy increases complexity and cost.

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With a large majority of expenses going to manage the existing IT applications, the transparency of the current inventory of applications and resource consumption is a primary goal of application portfolio management[ citation needed ].

This enables firms to: Portfolio[ edit ] Taking ideas from investment portfolio management, APM practitioners gather information about each application in use in a business or organization, including the cost to build and maintain the application, the business value produced, the quality of the application, and the expected lifespan[ citation needed ].

Using this information, the portfolio manager is able to provide detailed reports on the performance of the IT infrastructure in relation to the cost to own and the business value delivered.

Definition of an application[ edit ] In application portfolio management, the definition of an application is a critical component.Learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals.

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Jamie Ranse website. ABSTRACT Introduction: Despite the frequency with which critical care nurses’ engage in end-of-life care, preparation and support of nurses for this work through professional development opportunities or postgraduate education is reportedly limited.

Objectives: To identify and describe end-of-life care content in postgraduate critical care nursing courses in Australia. Developing a Professional Portfolio in Nursing personal and professional goals and can better plan their careers in nursing.

development portfolio is a working document that provides ongoing evi-dence of competencies.

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The nurse can . PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO | 85 | Citywide Learning & Development Anger Management Anger is a natural human emotion. However, unconstrained anger can have detrimental effects on the workplace, our health, and success. Employee development activities help in the growth and development of employees, who are the true assets of an organization.

You need to respect your employees for them to feel motivated and develop a sense of loyalty and attachment towards the organization.

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