The meaning and purpose of life religion essay

Meaning, NatureRole and other details Words Article shared by: Religion is an almost universal institution in human society.

The meaning and purpose of life religion essay

Is Reason a Sufficient Guide?

Throughout the ages, philosophers have considered it to be the most fundamental question. Scientists, historians, philosophers, writers, psychologists and the common man all wrestle with the question at some point in their lives.

Is Reason a Sufficient Guide? We see their confusion by the type of answers we receive. Youths may say, "I live for booze and bikinis.

We basically have two options. After all, the Enlightenment gave us modern science based on careful observation of the natural world. But have post-Enlightenment philosophers figured it out? Camus described life as "absurd"; Sartre spoke of "anguish, abandonment and despair.

Darwinians thought the meaning of life was to reproduce. Will Durant, the most noted philosopher of the last century, and Dr. Some offered their best guesses, some admitted that they just made up a purpose for life, and others were honest enough to say they were clueless.

In fact, a number of famous intellectuals asked the authors to write back and tell them if the purpose of life was discovered!

Let the Heavens "Speak" If the philosopher has no definitive answer, perhaps the answer can be found within the heart and mind that we ourselves possess.

Have you ever looked at the open sky on a clear night? You will see an incalculable number of stars. Is it possible not to be moved by the sight of these countless stars in the night sky shining like diamond dust on a bed of black velvet?

The meaning and purpose of life religion essay

Multitudes of stars beyond stars, stretching back; becoming so dense that they appear to merge into delicate wisps of sparkling mist. The grandeur humbles us, thrills us, inspires a craving for investigation, and calls for our contemplation.

How did it come into being? How are we related to it, and what is our place in it? Can we hear the heavens "speak" to us? Limitless art You in Your glory…" Quran 3: When we see a house, we accept that a builder exists. Both of these things were made with a purpose by those who made them.

The design, order, and complexity of the universe as well as the world around us are evidence of the existence of a supreme intelligence, a perfect designer.

All the heavenly bodies are controlled by precise laws of physics. Can there be laws without a lawmaker? These laws must have been set by somebody. There must, it seems to me, be a deeper level of explanation.

Located in the constellation of Sagittarius, the beautiful nebula is a much-photographed, dynamic cloud of gas and dust where stars are being born.

If we were made by a Creator, then surely that Creator must have had a reason, a purpose, in creating us. After coming to the realization of this purpose, we can choose whether we want to live in harmony with it.

But is it possible to know what is expected from us left to our own devices without any communication from the Creator? It is natural that God Himself would inform us of this purpose, especially if we are expected to fulfill it. Ask God This brings us to the second option: The easiest way to discover the purpose of an invention is to ask the inventor.

To discover the purpose of your life, ask God. Chicago Review Press, Personal Essay: The Purpose of Life, Religion and Other Sources - The creation of mankind is a widely debatable question that brings conflict to the believers as well as the non-believers.

We question our existence very often, but the truth of the matter is that no one knows the exact answer. Islam’s answer to the meaning and purpose of life fulfills the fundamental human need: a return to God. However, everyone is going back to God willy-nilly, so the question is .

The meaning of life, Jainism is a religion originating in ancient India, The Buddhist sūtras and tantras do not speak about "the meaning of life" or "the purpose of life", but about the potential of human life to end suffering, for example through embracing.

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The meaning of life is in the philosophical and religious conceptions of existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness, and borders on many other issues, such as symbolic meaning, ontology, value, purpose, ethics, good and evil, free will, the existence of one or multiple Gods, conceptions of God, the soul, and the afterlife.

3. What Is Religion Essay Religion: Religion and Long Time Wars  Religion The stereotype activity in the class was interesting to learn what is most of my classmate thinking about any subject such as religion and race and genders, so I chose to talk about religion in this paper, and the definition of the religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that.

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