Tiger tiger

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Tiger tiger

Tiger Iron Round Table Tiger Iron Mirror These sediments were laid down Tiger tiger the bottom of a shallow sea over two and a half billion years ago. The early earth's atmosphere had little or no oxygen.

When oxygen producing photosynthetic bacteria first evolved more than million years ago they gave off oxygen as a waste product which built up in the atmosphere and dissolved in sea water.

When iron, produced mainly from huge submarine volcanoes came in contact with this oxygen, it precipitated as iron oxide in the sea floor mud and resulted in iron rich bands and silica rich bands now classified as a banded iron formation "BIF". Other minerals were also present and heating and burial bought about crystallization of layers and, most likely, solutions carrying sodium penetrated along some layers rather than others, this is where "Riebeckite" was formed.

Earth movements throughout the millions of years caused crumbling, folding and distortion to the layers of sediments.

Tiger tiger

Also heated watery fluids passing through the rock can dissolve material and redeposit it elsewhere. The fibrous layers of Riebeckite crystals have in this case been replaced by silica with fine dust of yellow Goethite outlining the shape of the original crystals forming Tiger Eye.

In the same way fossil wood preserves the outline of cells and growth rings. About million years ago the Pilbara and many of the other very old pieces of the continental crust were joined together in a supercontinent.

Occasionally there is a red hematite crystal outline. There have probably been several phases of this mobilization, some quite early on and some much later. So, what minerals make the colours? SiO2 The pure mineral is colourless or white.

However, if it encloses a microscopic dust of coloured minerals, it will take on that colour, so jasper, for example, is quartz coloured by red hematite iron oxide. FeO OH - may also contain other hydrated iron oxides, "limonite".

The powdered mineral is yellow.

Goethite can also be shades of brown when in larger crystals. Fe The powdered mineral is blood red. The mineral can also have a dark grey, metallic appearance when in larger crystals.Tiger Martial Arts - Muay Thai, Japanese Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Youth Programs.

Portsmouth, Norfolk, Chesapeake & Suffolk Virginia. Marramamba Tiger Eye and Tiger Iron This amazing stone of natural art was found on Mt. Brockman Station about kms N.W.

Tiger tiger

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