Using the data in the graph above and your knowledge of united states politics perform the following

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Using the data in the graph above and your knowledge of united states politics perform the following

About 40 percent of the top 0. Types of compensation[ edit ] See also: Employee compensation in the United StatesEmployee stock optionGolden parachuteand Performance-related pay The occupation of "executive" a person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization [35] includes company presidents, chief executive officers CEOschief financial officers CFOsvice presidents, occasionally directors, and other upper-level managers.

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But components of executive pay are more numerous and more complex than lower-level employees. Other types are not, but generally make up a higher e. One source sums up the components of executive pay as Base salary Incentive pay, with a short-term focus, usually in the form of a bonus Incentive pay, with a long-term focus, usually in some combination of stock awards, option awards, non-equity incentive plan compensation Enhanced benefits package that usually includes a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan SERP Extra benefits and perquisites, such as cars and club memberships Deferred compensation earnings [37] Salary plus short-term bonuses are often called short-term incentives, and stock options and restricted shares long-term incentives.

Bonuses[ edit ] In For example, when executives failed to meet the annual earnings growth rate target of 15 percent at Coca-Cola inthe target was dropped to 11 percent. He was given a half million dollar bonus nonetheless on the grounds of his "tremendous" efforts toward improving worker safety.

To entice the potential hire the new employer had to compensate them for their loss by paying a massive signing bonus [64] Starting around the mids in the US, the hellos are said to have become "larger and more common".

Individual equity compensation may include: Innearly two-thirds of total CEO compensation was delivered in the form of stock or options.

Using the data in the graph above and your knowledge of united states politics perform the following

In the late s, investor Warren Buffett lamented that "there is no question in my mind that mediocre CEOs are getting incredibly overpaid.

Use of options has not guaranteed superior management performance. An estimated 95 percent of corporations in America pay executives with " at-the-money " options—i.

Studies of the timing of option grants to executives have found "a systematic connection" between when the option were granted and corporate disclosures to the public. Repricing of stock options also frequently occurs after the release of bad news or just prior to the release of good news.

Since executives have access to insider information on the best time to sell, this may seem in violation of SEC regulations on insider trading. It is not, however, if the insider knowledge used to time a sale is made up of many pieces and not just a single piece of "material" inside data.

But even if there is material knowledge, the SEC enforcement is limited to those cases easily won [] by its relatively small budget. Restricted stock that is forfeited if the executive leaves before the vesting period is up is sometimes used by companies as a "retention tool" to encourage executives to stay with the company.

The packages include features such as retirement plans and deferred compensation, as well as post-retirement perks and guaranteed consulting fees.

Prior to a SEC overhaul of proxy disclosures of executive compensation, [] [] the packages were unique to executives because unlike salary, bonuses, and stock options, they had the advantage of not being required to be disclosed to the public in annual filings, indicating the dollar value of compensation of the CEO and the four other most highly paid executives.

The SEC required only the compensation of current employees be reported to shareholders, not the perks and cash provided to anyone no longer working for the firm. As ofsome 70 percent of firms surveyed provided non-qualifying SERPs to their executives, and 90 percent offer deferred compensation programs.

An example of how pensions have been used as "stealthy" compensation mentioned above was a change in the formula for determining the pension that one retiring CEO Terrence Murray of FleetBoston Financial made shortly before his departure. While his original contract based his pension on his average annual salary and bonus over the five years before retirement, that was changed to his average taxable compensation over the three years he received the most compensation.

The numbers were revealed only because a newspaper covering the story hired an actuary to calculate the new basis. They differ from many lower-level packages not only in their size, but in their broad guarantee to be paid even in the face of poor performance.

The typical CEO is not anticipating many years of income stream since the usual executive contract is only three years. And if employers are worried about coaxing risk-adverse potential employees, why are executives the only ones provided with this treatment?

These have included use of corporate jets sometimes for family and guests as wellchauffeured cars, personal assistants, financial planning, home-security systems, club memberships, sports tickets, office space, secretarial help, and cell phone service.

Perks lack the flexibility of cash for the beneficiary. Consider retiree use of corporate jets, now a common perk. Although the marginal cost of allowing a retired executive to use the company jet may appear limited, it can run quite high. Consider the use of a company plane for a flight from New York to California and then back several days later.

Because the New York-based aircraft and flight crew will return to the East Coast after dropping the retired exec off, the actual charge to the company is two round trips: Consulting contracts[ edit ] As ofabout one quarter of CEOs negotiated a post-retirement consulting relationship with their old firm [] [] despite the fact that few CEOs have been known to seek advice from their predecessors.

Most equity compensation, such as stock options, does not impose a direct cost on the corporation dispensing it. It does, however, cost company stockholders by increasing the number of shares outstanding and thus, diluting the value of their shares.

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To minimize this effect, corporations often buy back shares of stock which does cost the firm cash income. Donaldsoncalled executive compensation "and how it is determinedThe Lifecycle of a Revolution.

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