Writing honors thesis

As a result, every year a few students come into the Honors office and inquire about doing the Honors thesis, but rarely, if ever, do students actually attempt it.

Writing honors thesis

See below for a more detailed explanation of degree requirements and for information on substituting the Honors Thesis or using an internship for the Capstone Course requirement. The Capstone Course is a historical methods seminar that introduces junior and senior undergraduate history majors to the advanced skills employed by professional historians.

Students will complete readings on a particular issue, event, or process, while also developing critical research and writing skills. The goal of the course is for each student to craft an eloquent and convincing analytical essay based in primary source research.

In the process of producing the research paper, students will be required to present and discuss the thesis of the research paper with the other members of the seminar.

Writing honors thesis

In order to be designated a historical methods seminar the following criteria must be met: Capstone Course Within the Degree Requirements in History As part of the 18 advanced hours in history majors must take out of a total of 36 hours to complete their majors, one three hour advanced course is required to be the historical methods seminar capstone course.

Currently 6 of the 18 advance hours must be taken at the level. The Capstone course will be numbered at the level. They will have special designations in the class schedule and later in the undergraduate studies catalog. In addition, students who do a public history or other internship under the strict supervision of the faculty and with the approval of the undergraduate director can use their off-campus experience as a substitute capstone course.

Honors Thesis Students interested in undertaking a research project involving significant primary research are encouraged to consider writing a senior Honors Thesis.

Writing honors thesis

You do not need to be a member of the Honors College, but the Honors College oversees and administers all Honors Theses. Minimum requirements for the Honors Thesis are a 3.

You should begin thinking about the Honors Thesis in the Junior year. If you think you might want to undertake an Honors Thesis and you meet the minimum requirements, a good first step is to speak with the faculty member who specializes in the area in which you are interested.

Once the faculty member has agreed to work with you, you can proceed to fill out the paperwork. Students who successfully complete the senior Honors Thesis generally receive six advanced hours of credit in history. If approved, you need to bring your verification form to the undergraduate advisor in order to officially create a course for your Thesis each semester.

The History Department welcomes your interest in our undergraduate program and looks forward to working with you to help you achieve your academic and career goals. For more information contact:An Honors Thesis is a substantial piece of independent research that an undergraduate carries out over two semesters.

Students writing Honors Theses take PHIL H and H, in two different semesters. What follows answers all the most common questions about Honors Theses in Philosophy.

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Bad reasons to write an honors thesis. Like we said, there are plenty of reasons to pursue an honors thesis—but not all of them are good. Hint: if the following are the only reasons why you want to write a thesis, you might want to consider your priorities.

Recognition. Admittedly, the fantasy is a good one. An Honors Thesis is a substantial piece of independent research that an undergraduate carries out over two semesters.

Students writing Honors Theses take PHIL H and H, in two different semesters. Honors theses may be written by both honors and non-honors students. Honors students must complete a thesis in order to complete the Honors Program.

Non-honors students may choose to complete a thesis in order to earn departmental honors.

Each thesis writer selects a . Creative Writing Honors Thesis Proposal. Application Guidelines. Students interested in pursuing a senior thesis project in creative writing should create a proposal according to the guidelines below.

They must also show evidence of substantial and successful course work in the specific genre in which they wish to pursue a project (i.e.

if the. English , Honors Thesis in Creative Writing (Note: From the Class of and onward, students must follow these requirements) The Program in Creative Writing offers a four-credit course, EN in the fall and EN in the spring, to students who are majoring in .

The Honors Thesis in Creative Writing