Young british artists essay

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Young british artists essay

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Young british artists essay

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Young british artists essay

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[1] [2] He is often associated with the artists included in the exhibition Traffic, . Got their fame in the early s, the Young British Artists (YBAs) is known as a group of highly publicized British avant-garde artists active from the late s (Chilvers, ).

In this research essay, the works of two leading artists of the YBAs, Marcus Harvey and Damien Hirst, will be mentioned and analyzed within the context of. Young British Artists is a name given to a group of painters, who began to work together in late s.

Young British Artists - Wikipedia

For their artworks, materials used and lifestyle they are considered shocking artist who have challenged the approach to art in general. The Young British Artists, or YBAs —also referred to as Brit artists and Britart—is the name given to a loose group of visual artists who first began to exhibit together in London, in In , the phrase “Young British Artists” was first used by Art Forum magazine to describe the group, and when Saatchi exhibited their work at his 30, square foot space in a converted paint factory in North London that same year, he entitled the show Young British Artists.

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